For Veterans, Connections offers information and resources on employment and training opportunities. One source of funding is VSTP which provides short-term training assistance to eligible Veterans. The program serves Veterans from the following categories:

1) Veterans with identified barriers to employment.
2) Special disabled Veterans with 30% or more service connected disability or discharged with a disability.
3) Recently separated Veterans within 36 months of separation from active duty.
4) Campaign Veterans who have an authorized campaign badge for conflict.
5) Other eligible persons in accordance with Title 38 USC Chapter 42, Section 4211.

Veterans applying for VSTP funding must also meet the eligibility guidelines under the Workforce Investment Act. For more information, contact the Veterans Representative.
At Belmont County Connections, you can contact the Veterans Representative at 740-633-5627 or by email at
Veterans in need of other services can contact the Belmont County Veterans Service Office at:
100 West Main Street, Suite 104
St. Clairsville, OH 43950
740-695-2121 ext. 1133 or ext. 1134
Helpful Web Sites


Ohio Veterans Services - State of Ohio website with information of services available to veterans.

Department of Veterans Affairs - This site provides information on education and benefit programs available to Veterans.

VETS - This is the U.S. Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Services site.